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Taiwan October 2010

I don’t remember much about October. In fact, I don’t remember anything about October, it’s like (my officemate said) being abducted by an alien or something. What I do have is some pictures from one weekend, October 9, before Taiwan’s independence day, where we went out with Echo and her kids.

228 Memorial Park

In front of the office of the president.

Bopiliao. Where the movie “Monga” was filmed.

We also got ourselves a toaster. It’s Hello Kitty :) And lil Stitch wants to be toasted too!

Oh, and one weekend, Jennifer came to Taiwan for her sembreak and she asked us out to late lunch / dinner at Cherry Bubble, another eat-all-you-can place at Ximending. And afterwards, we saw this street artist making paintings with spray paint. And we bought one.

Oh, and since it’s October there is Halloween. During the Ximending trip we also bought candies for Yen Han and Ji Hen. And we got a pumpkin too, so we had to stuff lil Stitch in it.

My boss also got in the Halloween mood, they got a pumkin and devil horns.

And masks, which we all wore during out morning meeting.

That’s October!

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