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Taiwan January 2011

Our first new year in Taiwan!

My sister’s friend Chesca and her sister Ynh Chun came to stay with us for a couple of days. We went to Shilin night market and got on the one of the last MRTs home. There weren’t many people, so we camwhored.

New Year’s eve. We had dinner with Chesca, Ynh Chun, Jennifer and Neil at Forker’s.

Then we went to Taipei 101 to see the fireworks.

It’s funny, because we were joking that our New Year’s resolution is to at least see one celebrity. And the next day, we went to Ximending, and there he was! That’s Show Luo, by the way.

The day after New Year’s we went to Taipei Zoo.

Then rode the crystal Maokong Gondola.

And when we got to Maokong, we had shaved ice.

After that, we went to Danshui and took a ferry to Fisherman’s wharf.


Neil and I also picked strawberries in Miaoli. We also met up on another day to pig out at Cherry Bubble. Muffin top!

I guess that’s it of January.

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