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Taiwan May 2010

Yesterday, May 11 was my 1 year ‘Move to Taiwan’ anniversary. So yeah, I have been living in Taiwan for a year now. So my sister and I decided to make a compilation of our pictures throughout the year, 365 (more or less, rather less) pictures of Taiwan. I decided to post them by month.

So this is May.

This picture is taken at my house it the Philippines, before we went to the airport.

Who better to welcome me to Taiwan than Wu Chun!

I went to my first job interview on the second day. I love the building on sight, and yah, I was already biased to the company because I like their building. And now I go to this building every weekday to report to work.

After my interview, we went to ride the Maokong Gondola, it’s this really long gondola ride in mid air. I was really scared that time, because I am afraid of heights.

After taking on the gondola, I decided that a ferris wheel would be a piece of cake. Miramar is a mall, but it has a ferris wheel on top.

Guess where this is? It’s in a bathroom! At QSquare, which is a mall at Taipei Main Station. So I camwhored with my sis. My tita is also in this picture, retouching her makeup.

We rode the HSR (High Speed Rail) to Kaoshiung. It really is high speed, because we got to Kaoshiung in 2 and a half hours. If you took the bus, or a slow train, it can take up to 8 hours!

At an MRT station in Kaoshiung. This is where the first scene of the first episode of “Black and White” was filmed.

At Kaoshiung’s Liu He night market, eating Turkish ice cream, with my little sis.

In front of 85 tower. The tallest building in Kaoshiung. A scene in “Black and White” was also filmed here.

I think this is called Star of the Ocean or some other fancy name like that. We saw this appear in “Wish to See You Again”, a series with Vic Zhou. So we decided to check it out. This was also featured in “Black and White”, Vic’s girl died in an explosion here.

Love River. We rode a ferry there. It was shown in “Corner with Love”. Barbie even jumped into that river, because the sneakers that Show Luo gave her fell in. We got lost on our way there, and we found our way, because we saw some of the landmarks that we saw on the series.

Dragon and Tiger Pagodas in Zuo Ying. This is really near my grandmother’s house, and we used to come here a lot when we were kids.

Near Confucius Temple, with my sisters and my dad.

Outside my grandmother’s house in Zuo Ying.

Now the tallest building in Taiwan, Taipei 101.

Reading a book (okay, posing for a picture) at Daan Forest Park.

Sipping milk tea at a tea place near Gongguan.

This is at Nangang Software Park. I had a job interview there, and was offered a job on the spot. But Nangang is too far away, so I declined the offer.

At my family friend, Echo’s house, with her son, the adorable You Ji Hen.

That’s it for May. Coming up next, June. :)

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