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Taiwan September 2010

Birthday month! And I turned 23.

When I got to my cubicle on August 31, there were pictures of Wu Chun all over, along with Happy Birthday signs. 

And then there was cake :) I share a birthday with my other officemate, Gina, who is a very cute little girl, and that is why our cake is shaped like a puppy.

We get day offs on our birthday, so on my day off, I went to an exhibit at the fine arts museum- “Manet to Picasso”. It was my first time seeing original paintings by famous artists.

We had cupcakes at Cloudy Cupcakes in Eslite.

And then we walked from Eslite to Taipei 101.

We even went up.

And my birthday gift for myself, remember that doll that I have a picture of a few months before? Yeah, I went and got it, even though it was close to 5k NT, it’s even more expensive than our first furniture.

Work is like school, we even have field trips. Our company went on a field trip to a Blizzard convention at Museum of Contemporary Arts. With me is my fellow birthday girl, Gina.

Moon Festival. It’s becoming a Taiwanese tradition to barbecue during the Moon Festival. And this is us, at the rooftop of our office building, attempting to barbecue.

My friends, Ches, Paul and Len came to visit me in Taiwan.

We met up with Neil, our school mate from DLSU, who is taking his masters in Taiwan. And he brought us to Chang Kai Shek Memorial Hall.

And the Love sign in front of Taipei 101.

And then we had late lunch or early dinner at Berry Berry Cobo, this really pink and really gay eat-all-you-can cake place.

We went to Longshan Temple and Huaxi Night Market to try eating snakes. Snakes are not as weird or scary as I imagined, it was like a cross between chicken and fish, because it has lots of bones.

We wanted to try the toilet restaurant (yes, a restaurant whose theme is toilets), but it was closed by the time we arrived at Ximending.

We went to Danshui the next day to play, well, parlor games.

And then, we rode the Maokong Gondola (my second time!), but it was dark out already.

And then we went up Taipei 101 (second time!) and spied on some people? Nah, I was just looking for my office building, really.

This is at Museum of Drinking Water, near Gongguan, where we take our computer class. We were supposed to meet Echo and her kids there, but we couldn’t contact her, so we went by ourselves and camwhored.

My sister’s high school friend, Aislinn came to Taiwan. We posed in front of Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall, but we didn’t really go in.

Instead, we went to Living Mall. This really weird looking mall that looks straight out of Jetson’s.

And then Miramar. Because Aislinn’s was a mall tour.

And then had shaved ice near Wufenpu, after we met up with my sister’s other high school friend, Alex, who is also taking her master’s in Taiwan.

And that concludes September. Birthday and meeting friends from the Philippines.

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